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DAWA DW18 & DW16
DAWA DW18 & DW16 - DAWA - Hair Straighteners

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DAWA DW18 & DW16
DAWA - Hair Straighteners

DAWA Dw18 & Dw16

Giuseppe D'Elia has DAWA DW 18 - DW 16
There are two new plates which differ for Innovation and Technology.
New heating system PTC Force 1
Safety Temperature Control System Electronic PCB
BIMIX Tourmaline Titanium Plates

DW18 Longer Edition
Length 29 Inches
Platelets Rocker 100mm X 24mm
Temperature control from 140 ° to 235 °

DW16 The small plate but that does great things
Length 19cm.
Platelets Rocker 60mm X 24mm
3 Bright Adjustable temperature 140 °, 170 °, 210 °.

Super Ergonomic design that prevents tendonitis

DAWA Italian Spirit

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